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Regine Heiland
Roswitha Stratmann
Eberhard Stahl


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Roswitha Stratmann, Psychologist


"Learning should both be fun and inspiring - thus providing the biggest benefit to all those involved. Therefore, a major aspect of my work is to combine seriousness and profoundness with easiness and pleasure.“


Key activities

  • Focus:"Applied communication psychology"
  • Communication training and consultation in economic, educational and social sectors
  • Training teacher at the Schulz von Thun Institute for the past 28 years
  • Visiting lecturer at university hamburg
  • Advanced training for multiplicators covering all topics involving communication, self-development and coaching
  • Conflict clarification and facilitation
  • Women in leadership
  • Self-management
  • Coaching-Practice in Hamburg Wellingsbüttel


Individual topics (examples)

  • „Self-leadership in times of change”
  • „Be straight forward! The art of respectful confrontation”
  • „Conflict management is part of leadership competence“
  • „Diversity revitalizes team strength”
  • „Models in Action!“
  • „Making the right decisions for a future career”
  • „Social competence in job and everyday life"
  • „Positive Leadership: inspiration from the systemic point of view, positive psychology and neuroscience”


Vocational training and education

  • Studying psychology in Münster and Hamburg (Germany)
  • Approbation as psychologic psychotherapist
  • Systemic counselling and therapy (ISS)
  • Gestalt therapy
  • Communication psychology according to Prof. Schulz von Thun