Regine Heiland
Roswitha Stratmann
Eberhard Stahl

„Streitkultur – Ein Gewitter bereinigt nichts.“
An interview with Andrea Pawlik published in German by Hamburger Abendblatt on 05.05.2012:


„Die Kunst der Coleitung“
with Regine Heiland, in: Schulz von Thun, F. und Kumbier, D. (Publ..) "Impulse für Führung und Training“, Rowohlt 2009
Co-leadership offers considerable potential for enhancing the overall situation in seminars and workshops. However, it will be worthwhile to observe certain 'principles' and to act in a way that allows both facilitators to benefit from this relationship. Otherwise, co-leadership could become a stress factor itself due to crises and misunderstanding.


„Das innere Team in der Mediation: eine aussichtsreiche Perspektive?“
with Friedemann Schulz von Thun in: Schulz von Thun, F. und Kumbier, D. (Publ.) „Impulse für Beratung und Therapie“ Rowohlt 2008
Mediators, facilitators, relationship counselors, but also other professional groups entrusted with people in a conflict situation may apply the Inner Team model in a prolific way. This article drafts the quintessence of several training events, thus providing a good overview of the topic.


„Zur Psychologie der Zivilcourage – Ein TZI-Lehrversuch.“
with Friedemann Schulz von Thun in: Schulz von Thun, „Klarkommen mit sich selbst und anderen“, Rowohlt 2004 (available in German)
‘Courage can be learnt’ is the premise of a university seminar, allowing students to explore their personal resources in courage. The presentation combines the description of experience-activating methods with the reflections made in the group and input on key reasons of courage in everyday life.


„Miteinander reden: Kommunikationspsychologie für Führungskräfte“
with Friedemann Schulz von Thun und Johannes Ruppel, Rowohlt, Reinbek bei Hamburg, 2000
Both executives and staff members are provided, in a concise form, with a good insight into the most important models of communication psychology as well as with targeted suggestions as to 'talking with each other' in a professional environment. Based on case examples, you may apply what you have learnt and deal with possible stumbling blocks in communication.