Die Menschen



Katrin Baum
Regine Heiland
Lisa Roth-Schnauer
Eberhard Stahl

„Sich verständlich ausdrücken – Trainingsprogramm /
Leserorientiert schreiben lernen“
Baum, Katrin / Deeg, Cornelia
Ernst Reinhardt Verlag 2018

How can we manage to draft texts in a comprehensible and appealing way? How can we convince in writing on all four levels of communication? Together with Cornelia Deeg, Katrin Baum has developed a training programme that is fun to use and displays how easy it can be to draft concise and lively correspondence.


„Klarheit und Empathie verbinden“ – with Prof. Schulz von Thun in „Zeitschrift für Weiterbildung“, Edition 4 / 2019 (August/September), p. 18 – 21
„O je, ein Brief von der Behörde!“ – with Prof. Schulz von Thun in Psychologie Heute, August 2019

The goal to draft official and other formal letters in a comprehensive way has been more and more supported within the last years. But shall such letters also transfer empathy and compassion? Prof. Schulz von Thun and Katrin Baum discuss this question in two articles and show how empathy and objectiveness can benefit each other.


Co-author of „Das Innere Team in Aktion“, Publisher Schulz von Thun, Stegemann, 2004

In the book „Das Innere Team in Aktion“, different authors demonstrate how the Inner Team model can be applied effectively. Katrin Baum (Katrin Klöpping at that time, pages 100-114) describes how the model can be used in couple counselling and therapy – based on the example of the dynamics of faithfulness and infidelity in relationships.