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Katrin Baum
Regine Heiland
Lisa Roth-Schnauer
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Lisa Roth-Schnauer, M.A. Education and Educational Science, born 1989


„In my work I am guided by the idea of appropriate congruency: Communication and contact are successful when they are authentic and situationally appropriate – professional and humane at the same time. I meet people and topics with joy and seriousness, with humor and depth – because learning should and can be fun."


Main areas of work:

  • Trainings for managers and employees on the topics of communication, conflict management, team dynamics in the business, education and health sectors
  • Coaching for managers and employees
  • Facilitation of team workshops / team development
  • Conflict management
  • Further education of apprentices in the field of communication psychology competences
  • Training teacher at the Schulz von Thun Institute in Hamburg
  • Contract lecturer at the University Hamburg-Harburg
  • Coaching office in Hamburg-Eppendorf


Selected topics

  • Self-coaching based on Schulz von Thun’s communication model ‘The Inner Team'
  • Giving professional feedback
  • Differences in people and their effects on communication and contact
  • Communicating successfully virtually (digital presence and virtual contact management)
  • The art of conversation management
  • The basics of conflict management
  • Professionalism in the role of a trainer
  • Resilience and stress management
  • Successful decision making


Education and training

  • Master of Arts in Education and Educational Science with a focus on Adult Education (Hamburg University)
  • Communication psychology according to Prof. Schulz von Thun
  • Systemic transactional analysis